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 _________  Titus 2 Team ( T2T ) Women's Bible Study.  This is the Highly anticipated follow-up to the True Woman 101  Bible study for women.  REGISTER HERE!

When we step into God’s plan for womanhood, we step into the great adventure of discovering who we’re created to be. The greatest display of God’s glory, the greatest wholeness of personhood, the greatest joy of human relationships, and the greatest fruitfulness in ministry come about when we embrace and celebrate His design.In this Bible study for women, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Mary Kassian delve into Titus 2 to celebrate redeemed womanhood. Exploring 10 “design elements” of biblical womanhood, they will lead you on a 10-week journey of discovering what a beautiful heart looks like, and how it leads to a beautiful life.  REGISTER HERE!

Each week is divided into five lessons that provide opportunity for group interaction and delving deep into Scripture. You'll explore the following themes:   Discernment \Honor\Affection\Discipline\Virtue\Responsibility\Benevolence\Disposition\Legacy\ and Beauty.

The Lord wants to come in and do a radical renovation of your heart. He wants to change you into a godly woman from the inside out. If you let Him, He’ll give you an extreme makeover . . . a new interior design. Why wait? Begin your renovation today. REGISTER NOW!

 IF YOU DO NOT HAVEYOUR BOOK ALREADY, YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE ONE. YOU CAN DO SO, ON AMAZON.COM - https://www.amazon.com/True-Woman-201-Interior-Womanhood/dp/0802412580




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