Life Groups

Connecting Faith and Life

Life Groups - Connecting Faith and Life

What are Life Groups at Estacada First Baptist Church (EFBC)?

"Life Groups are small committed communities of “EFBCers” who meet regularly and follow the teachings of Jesus in order to live out the truth through His power."

 How do Life Groups work and what are they like?

As a Church we desire most that Jesus would be glorified. The EFBC“Life Groups” gather with a vision to grow and live out the gospel message of Jesus together. Each of our Life Groups meet weekly for a couple hours, in order to build each other up, to be forged in the truth of God’s word and reach out together as we are fashioned to magnify Jesus Christ in our community. We believe it is in these smaller settings of roughly 10-12 adults (and in some groups with theirs kids!) in which we are better able to know one another, pray for each other, be renewed by God’s Word and effectively move to serve others in our local area, manifesting the transformational work of Jesus’ gospel experienced in our own lives.

How do I become involved in a Life Group?

I want to encourage you to talk to the different Life Group leaders who can share with you about their gathering. You can go to the Life Group tab on the website and click on the tile about the leaders. You will see a bit about each of the leaders, what the particular life group is studying, what night of the week it is meeting,  and how their particular group has chosen to reach out unto the community every month in the name of Jesus. Once you believe there is a good fit let the Life Group leader know you want to grow together with them by signing up!

Who gives direction to this ministry at EFBC?

Pastor Masami does! If you have any general questions about this ministry of EFBC email him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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