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 Tickets NOW ON SALE for $2.00 each.                                                 Reserved Tickets for Mystery of the Manger CLICK HERE!

Join EFBC for 2 showings of Mystery of the manger! December 15th @ 7pm and December 16th @ 2pm  Tickets will be available for pick up the day of the Musical in WILL call! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact  EFBC at 503 630 5325.

For many people, it is by faith alone that they believe Jesus was the Son of God and the Savior of the world. For others, this belief doesn't come as easily--they need facts and proof to support this truth. This Christmas, through the songs and narrative in the latest musical from the best-selling kids' musical creator Celeste Clydesdale, your children can share the evidence surrounding Jesus' birth as it all actually happened as promised and prophesied in Scripture.

In The Mystery of the Manger, Jane Blonde, an investigative reporter for The Morning Star newspaper wants the facts...just the facts! Her questions and searching make headline news on Christmas morning. As she observes rehearsal for the Christmas Eve pageant, the children teach her through their songs that "Like the Wise Men" we're all searching for the truth, and that the gospel accounts of Jesus' life are "The Gospel Truth." In examining these facts from Scripture, your children and congregation will discover the overwhelming proof that the baby born 2,000 years ago in that manger IS the Savior of the world.





 Men, DONT BE A TURKEY,  Join the 2nd annual MEN's Turkey Shoot: November 18th @ 11am in Sandy,  Event fee is $20 per person.  Please click and submit the following form:  Turkey Shoot Registration Form!


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